Intelkit Analytics is looking for colleagues to develop products in the field of data analytics, market these products, and meet new demands in a healthy way. You can see our open positions for the mentioned areas from the job postings at the bottom of the page.

Intelkit has adopted the swarm organization model as its management and organization model. In line with the values it brings, we see our participants as business partners in the projects produced and the benefits it brings. We determine our wage policy according to this distribution principles.

There is no age limit for our participants. We believe that working with different generations with different historical perspectives will increase our intellectual richness.

Diplomas or institutional certificates are not our top priority in preferences. We respect this effort, but we believe that everyone deserves a chance. For us, productive people who can get good results on the field are a priority.

Intelkit is trying to ensure that each participant who contributes to the development process of the products, which Intelkit develops with its own means, get a share from the product revenues. This gives us a more fair and productive development infrastructure.

Intelkit Network is a network where Intelkit informs its participants and incorporates them into their business processes, even if they are not directly in the organization. We organize this network with Whatsapp, social media groups, and some applications and present it to our participants.

Our swarm organizational model approach enable the participants to take more part in projects and management decisions. Undoubtedly, this allows participants to further develop their technical skills compared to working in large, inflexible organizations.

We are always open to new ideas, and what you have in mind is very valuable to us. Yet we are very critical and selective when it comes to choosing the ideas we will pursue. If you are going to share your project with us, you should be ready for it. Also, it is useful to make sure that your idea is compatible with our fields of activity to prevent possible loss of time.

Job description

 Producing content suitable for digital broadcasting.

 Writing articles in the field of defense industry or data analytics.

 Editing content, editorial.

 There is no production limit.

 Free working hours.


 Good knowledge of Turkish language rules.

 A rich vocabulary.

 Good knowledge of text writing formats.

 Ability to write texts.

 Knowledge in the defense industry or data analytics.

 Ability to translate from English to Turkish.

Job description

 Compliance with one of the definitions below is sufficient.

 Development of artificial intelligence and deep learning models in Phyton.

Front-end development on the web.

 Background development on the web.

 Project-based flexible working hours.

 Obligation to adhere to project calendars and deadlines in a disciplined manner.


 Good command of any of the following programming languages.

 HTML, CSS, Javascript

 Java, Ruby, Phyton, .net

 Php, sql

 Meeting the project deadlines.

 Collaborative working skills.

Job description

 Making designs for digital publishing.

 Visualization in all areas.

Corporate, brand-oriented designs.

 Designs for social media marketing.

 Illustration, infographic, etc. studies.

 Design for magazine publishing.


 Program information suitable for making the designs specified in the description.

 References related to previous works or;

 A sample portfolio

 Meeting the business plan of the projects

 Advanced photoshop knowledge.