What software and system requests can Intelkit Analytics respond to?

Big data and artificial intelligence applications have extraordinary depth. The systems to be developed are not standard and are customized according to customer demands. Intelkit can respond to your demands in many different areas that your organization needs. The easiest is to discover your needs together.

Can I get instant information about the status of my organization with artificial intelli-gence?

Industry 4.0 infrastructure will enable autonomous systems to report instantly and organize and continue production independent of human intervention, and data systems will play the most critical role in this transformation. With its expert staff Intelkit designs artificial intelli-gence supported surveillance systems for your organization.

What is marketing with big data?

Today, consumer behavior tracked and recorded in detail on multiple platforms and data types. These large data streams yield very detailed and accurate results in the analysis of con-sumer behavior. Processing this raw data with big data applications allows your marketing budget and effort to focus on the right things, reduces your costs, and increases the profitabil-ity of your organization.

How can big data help our human resources policy?

Employee data in your organization's memory will give strong clues about the quality of new candidates, their chances within your organization, and their stability. This information which is interpreted with Artificial Intelligence helps you make the right decisions in recruitments.

What can big data bring to my organization?

Your big data is an unprocessed and idle value that your organization already has. By mining this pile of information, we can improve your costs and make your marketing efforts more efficient.

Can I instantly monitor the internet news about the institution I own or manage?

Today, information spreads through the web and social media at an extraordinary speed. If this information that is spread about your institution, right or wrong, is not monitored instant-ly, it may have devastating results in terms of image. It is possible to instantly scan and moni-tor big data analytics that concerns your organization on social media and the web.

Is it possible to measure the true power of our social media infrastructure?

In terms of digital marketing, more followers do not mean better results. Follower statistics are easy to manipulate. The products developed by Intelkit Analytics for marketing measure your real power on social media by using big data of social media. You can take a look at In-telaxi, our new Twitter product in this area.

Can estimation be done with artificial intelligence and big data?

The biggest opportunity offered by the big data ecosystem will be the development of fore-casting possibilities with artificial intelligence. Systems that can instantly access and interpret data from various sources will transform productivity in different business areas such as pro-duction, service, health, and security.