Finance and Artificial Intelligence

Finance is one of the areas where market data can be modeled with algorithms most easily and effectively.

  • Data-based decision support systems.
  • 24-hour monitoring of market opportunities.
  • Market transactions independent of human intervention.
  • Simulation possibilities in budget planning.

The algorithmic trading systems of Intelkit Analytics are tested in ten year periods. In these tests, reasonable-risk systems that provide at least 50% more profit than the performance of the index traded are presented to the user.

  • Stock Market
  • Intelkit A.I

The Future of Finance

The interpretation power of artificial intelligence is directly proportional to the accessibility and numerical modelability of the data. Finance and financial management disciplines can be modeled to a large extent, and the desired datasets can be easily accessed from more than one source. All these quantitative advantages make artificial intelligence and big data support superior in finance.

  • Effectively manage and control operations with analytical processes in progress.
  • Reach data scientists to support your analytics team.
  • Rapid detection of opportunities and threats.
  • Lower operational costs and financial risks.
  • Opportunity to digitize and model all financial data.
  • Retrospective testing of current trading models. (back-test)
  • Developing the financial models you want and turning them into artificial intelligence applica-tions.
  • Digital transformation in financial management.